Our professional practice is exclusively focussed on legal assistance in environmental matters, with activities in the whole Brazilian territory (directly or, as the case may be, with the support of local correspondent lawyers), including the following services:

  • practice of judicial litigation (specially in connection with Public Civil Actions and in the judicial challenging of Environmental Violation Assessments), with the performance of all measures pertaining to the process;

  • preparation of administrative defences and appeals against environmental violation assessments;

  • follow-up of Civil and Criminal Inquiries involving environmental aspects and assistance with the preparation of the required manifestations;

  • negotiation of agreements and Conduct Adjustment Commitments involving environmental agencies and/or the Public Prosecution Office;

  • monitoring of sectoral environmental legislation, including the environmental licensing of the respective undertakings and activities, with the review of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Reports and the preparation and participation in public hearings, specially in connection with the following segments: energy, oil, gas and biofuels, mining, industrial activities, civil construction and agribusiness;

  • orientation to face environmental accidents and to manage contaminated sites and other forms of pollution, by means of the planning of preventive and corrective actions and communication strategies;

  • legal support in the conception and establishment of Environmental Management Systems and in certification procedures under rule ISO 14001, including the supply of a customized environmental legislation database applicable to the activities of the client (GESTOR Program);

  • assistance to companies in activities involving the access to and utilization of genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge, with the follow-up of processes before the Genetic Heritage Management Council (“CGEN”, in Portuguese);

  • legal guidance in connection with legislation on biosafety and the commercial liberation of genetically modified organisms, with the follow-up of processes before the Brazilian Technical Commission on Biosafety (“CTNBio”, in Portuguese);

  • performance of environmental audits (due diligence) in corporate, financial and real estate transactions;

  • legal structuring and coordination of projects in the context of the carbon market (Clean Development Mechanism and voluntary markets), including the preparation of emission reductions purchase agreements;

  • identification and analysis of environmental barriers to international trade and its repercussions at the World Trade Organization;

  • legal consulting on environmental limitations to the use of the real estate property (conservation, permanent preservation, legal reserve, watershed protection and other specially protected areas));

  • legal advice in connection with legislation on the protection of cultural heritage (historical, archaeological, artistic and landscape heritage) and indigenous and traditional African-descendent communities;

  • assistance in the confection and follow-up of environmental bills and regulations and in the structuring of corporate environmental policies;

  • legal consulting on the management of solid waste (waste plans, reverse logistics and post-consumption liability);

  • legal assistance on product stewardship, considering impacts to human health and the environment, specially in the chemical and agrichemical sectors;

  • preparation, negotiation and risk analysis of contracts with environmental implications (transportation of hazardous cargoes, waste management, land easements for mining or agroforestry activities, among others) and in the conception of contractual clauses establishing environmental liability limitations;

  • performance of in-company presentations and trainings on aspects of the environmental legislation.

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